Love and Launches

Wow. What a week I had last week. It’s taken me a while to pause and reflect on it.

First I had the pleasure of making a trip down to the Cape Talk Studio for an interview with John Maytham. To say I was nervous is the understatement of the year. My mouth was dry like the Sahara desert and my stomach was in knots. I’m not sure why because I’ve met John before and he is charming and interesting. I know what my books are about. (I’ve literally lost count of the rereads and rewrites) I do get tongue tied at times and, as my family knows, I gulp under pressure. So maybe it was that. Who wants to gulp on live radio?

My wonderful publisher, Karina Szczurek, accompanied me and my nerves settled in the presence of the sniffer dog, Savage, who was the guest before me. Shadow Flicker has an heroic dog character called Maverick, so who could be nervous with an heroic dog for company?

What is shadow flicker? Does an author have a duty when writing about environmental issues? What are the criteria for a romance novel?

You can listen to our reflections on those questions and more in the podcast interview here

Next up was the SA SUP Champs. Again, the nerves. Onshore. Swell. The rush to get my eyelashes done before the event and then have them poke me in the eye during a heat. To add a bit of fun, we spotted a fin just before the Divas final. (Happy to report, a sunfish.) I surfed five intense heats over the two days. It was amazing to surf with a fuller-than-usual field of ladies in our division. As one Diva said, we are at the age where we have to wee seventeen times before the heat, but we were super stoked to be out there.

I was really excited to take the win in the Divas division in tricky conditions. I was lucky to get two early waves and then wait for a bomb at the back.

Tuesday dawned as a mad hair day. In other words I had to race to the hairdresser as my hair is my absolute worst feature and who can launch her book at The Book Lounge with sketchy, salty hair?

My husband was an absolute pillar, managing our children, their homework and bringing granny and grandpa so I could speed off The Book Lounge and arrive early, unruffled. To see it slowly fill with people I love and who make me laugh was wonderful.

To my family and friends, my bookclub ladies, the SUP crew, the Hout Bay writer’s group, my Book Salon friends, my salon clients, the Kromme contingent who knew me at the age when I stuck drawings on the fridge, thank you for coming to the launch, thank you so much for bearing with me through the writing process and supporting my budding dreams.

Huge thanks to my publisher and mentor, Karina Szczurek, for encouraging me and believing in me; for teaching me so much about writing, editing and publishing; and for treating me with such patience and kindness. Also thanks to the wise and wonderful Helen Moffett and Jacqui l’Ange for the roles they played at the launch and behind the scenes.

Next stop Montagu Book Festival, where I will be in conversation with Karina, on the topic of Stories of Love and Kindness in a Fractured Land. Please come if you are on Route 62 on Friday 26 July at 5pm.

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