Woo hoo, it’s Pub Day

SO it’s not PUB day like THAT. With beers and pies and chips.



It pub day today as in PUBLICATION day.

Tangled GIF-downsized_large

Today is the publication day of A Fractured Land! I’m so excited that I woke up with the birds this morning, which, if you know me is nothing short of a miracle…..Anyway….


A Fractured Land is available online as an ebook and in paperback here on Amazon  and here on Barnes and Noble 

After five years of anguish, teetering on the brink of madness, plundering the depths of despair and occasionally dabbling in utter elation, the day has come.


side note : The kindest thing you can do for a writer (besides kitten pictures, pity, a hanky for their tears and mounds of chocolate) is to read their book and write a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

So y’all know what to do then?

If you live in South Africa, and  Kindle is not your BFF and the prospect of shipping a paperback from the United States leaves you in similar anguish to a crazed writer, whisper in my ear via email. I have a plan for sweeties like you.

In the meantime….follow your dreams. (Here is some inspo)   Because you just never know…





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