Author 18 – Paying It Forward

I belong to a Facebook group called Author 18. (Made up of traditionally published debut novelists of 2018) I used to belong to 17  Scribes (when I thought my book was coming out last year hahaha) I was bumped to 2018 after some editorial delays (but rather a polished book than a slipshod, one, right?) And here we are with the First of April release date coming soon!!

persian cat on books.gif

Part of the awesome experience of publishing a book is sharing the stoke with other  debut authors. There is so much advice and support for one another, it makes the path into this quite complex and overwhelming experience a bit smoother.

So, to pay the kindness forward, for the next couple of months,I will be featuring some of my fellow Author 18’s here on the blog. Who knows, you might find your favorite book of 2018 right here.

I am a tad behind, January was crazy, so I will post a couple of the January authors still in February and then move onto those authors releasing their books in February.

Over 300 000 new books are published in the United States in a year. So clearly I won’t be featuring them all. But I will be featuring genres I love and stories with a compelling premise.

drink tea and read books

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