Talking Fiji with Tarryn King

I had a quick chat with Cape Town’s ultimate Wahine, Tarryn King, who just returned from the ISA SUP world champs, where she and her husband Tom King, and the rest of the SA team, did so well, coming seventh overall.


Tarryn competed in the technical race (7th place) and is stoked  with a 4th place in the sprint race, which earned her a spot on the podium and a copper medal!


Tom competed in the SUP surfing event (also  winning a 4th place and a copper medal! And that barrel in the heats? YOH. Watch it HERE  )


Tarryn made some time  before her next event to share a few  Fiji highlights with us:


Best thing about Fiji  ?  TK: The locals

Worst thing about Fiji ? TK: The mozzies

Easiest thing to do in the contest?   TK: Cheering for my team mates!

Hardest thing to do?   TK: Dealing with the heat!

Proudest moment?     TK: Watching Tom win a copper medal and become 4th in the world!!!


Most embarrassing moment?    TK: Asking a local what “flavor” his fish is that he caught us for dinner! I DO NOT think before I speak! It happens often haha

Most important lesson learned?   TK: Believing “you can” is REAL

Thing you will never forget?    TK: How absolutely perfectly picturesque Fiji is 🙂


Most motivating experience?     TK: Watching Tanvi (she is from India) finish the long distance, this was one of the most grueling 18 km races in SUP history, it was 45 degrees with 100% humidity with seriously challenging currents and tides! She was on the water for over 3 hours but never ever gave up and crossed the finish line with the biggest smile on her face! Girl power! 

What would you say to any youngsters wanting to follow in your footsteps?  TK: Dream it! Believe it! See it! 


What’s next?   TK: I’m on my way to world longboard champs in China as we speak 😊

Tarryn is indeed on her way to Riyue Bay, Hainan Island, China  to represent South Africa at the Jeep Longboard Surfing Champs.

She and Tom  make a formidable paddling and wave riding pair in the water, each having snatched the number 1 spot in their respective divisions in the Western Province Longboard trials.

They are both ranked third in the 2016 SUPSA National racing rankings

Tom and Tarryn also each have the number one spot in the SUPSA national wave rankings for 2016.

Having surfed and SUPped like a kook many times in their midst, I know that, despite their talent and achievements, there is nothing but kindness, encouragement, patience and humility from both of them. Tarryn is the ultimate Wahine, her strength and grace transcend seamlessly from ocean to shore, from coaching (and coaxing) to competition.

We wish her well over in China.#GirlPower #aloha


All photos supplied by Tarryn King

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