Between the books with Pamela

I’ve just read Things Unseen, a compelling psychological thriller by Johannesburg based author, scriptwriter, vlogger and Tweeter extraordinaire, Pamela Power. It is published by Clockwork Books.


I loved the book, it kept me up at night and guessing right till the end. You can catch up with my review  HERE on Goodreads.

I caught up with Pamela during the week.

M: Did I mention I loved your book? I did. Your are very clever.

P: Thank you!! Thought it might be a bit too hectic for you…   (It is a little hectic to start….but it makes you want to know who dunnit) 

M: How are you mother of the year to the children (Rubless and The Teen), scriptwriter at Muvhango, #nanowrimo queen and  have a new novel already in the hands of an editor? Not to mention the husband (aka PJ Vos)  looks content and you look fabulous.  Is your house perhaps a mess? Your handwriting shoddy? Maybe your pets are lonely? How do you find the balance between a full time job, writing and your family ? 

P: I have the fabulous Mirriam Mathema. The Husband works from home and is incredible on the lifts and cooking front. Not to mention making me go to gym. My kids are also very independent and self-motivated. They sort themselves out. And in terms of keeping my cool, meditation is fantastic, it has literally changed my life. I love the Headspace App.

M: It took you a while to write Ms Conception. What about Things Unseen?

P: I started it in June 2010 and finished it in spring 2014. But I also started another book in 2013, so I kind of wrote two books at the same time because I kept having a crisis about writing a book that was so different from Ms C.

M: I noticed the Catholic Church theme emerges in Things Unseen as it did in Ms Conception. The mystical setting of those scenes contrasts with the secularity of the characters. I sense something,maybe disillusionment, but still strong ties.  Are these echoes of Sister Venerata? (was that her name?)

P:   *Sister Veneranda* ….Yes, I was raised as a very strict Catholic, I was educated at the Dominican Convent and Sacred Heart College, I used to ask kids if they were Catholic before I could play with them, it was a huge part of my upbringing. As I always say – I write to make sense of the world – so I needed to deal with a lot of stuff I felt was wrong about the Church.

M: We each inadvertently named less-stellar characters in our manuscripts after each other’s husbands.  Who should we name our next less-than-stellar characters after?

P: Horrible Bosses 🙂

M: What are you reading now?

P: The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh and the Book of Joy – the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu book

M: Paper or Ebook?

P: Both. I generally buy the paper version of SA books because I like to get them signed. I get the ebooks of international authors

M: What’s next on Pamela Power’s desk? 

P: Delilah Now Trending is my griplit book that comes out in April 2017 – being published by PRH.

M:  Things Unseen, published by indie publisher Clockwork Books is not yet in Exclusive Books. Tell us about that?

P: I do understand their predicament…and we are in negotiations with them…hold thumbs!

M: Things Unseen is available here on Clockwork Books website, as well as at independent bookstores like The Book Lounge in Cape Town and Love Books in Melville, Johannesburg. Also, don’t forget Port Elizabeth. You can get it there at Fogarty’s Bookshop.


ICYMI my Goodreads review:


“This book made for a juicy and compelling read during a busy week away. The story unfolds as Emma negotiates reacquainting herself with her first love, who seems to be the anchor her husband isn’t after she discovers one grim crime scene after another in her luxurious Johannesburg home. Any more information would constitute a spoiler but you will find this to be an exciting and atmospheric page turner. While remaining true to the realities that form the South African landscape, and not shying away from issues like shocking crimes against women and children, the narrative is cleverly laced with humor,which makes it a delight to read, even though the subject matter is essentially quite dark. The main character Emma, is particularly funny at times and I found myself rooting for her throughout the story, despite her faults. The quirky foibles of middle/upper class South African living are also not left untouched by the author’s sharp wit. Things Unseen is at smart and entertaining story and will make a great book to tuck in your suitcase for the holidays.”

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